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Lenox Travel Mug

The Lenox travel mug cup is an unrivaled place to keep your coffee cold all day long, with its soft, baby-uggage-friendly design, it's straightforward to get started with travel. The lid gives you control over how much liquid you want in your cup, and the magnetic lid system keeps it in place - making it basic to find what you need, other users have said that the Lenox mug cup is a top-grade solution for busy travel.

Lenox Ceramic Thermal Travel Mug

Lenox is a brand that is known for creating beautiful and high-quality products, their butterfly meadow travel mug is no different. This mug is produced of ceramic thermal and imparts a lovely design, it is will keep you hot and cold drink where you need it most. This beautiful Lenox thermal travel mug is fantastic for keeping your coffee hot and hot water cold at all times, the ceramic material is heat resistant and makes a sterling gift. This is a top-notch mug for shoppers who adore to travel! It is manufactured from 100% chinese-made ceramic and presents a nice, smooth surface that make it effortless to hold and enjoy travel, it comes with a sweet butterfly design on the front and back, which is further a nice touch. This Lenox butterfly travel mug is a beautiful, double wall ceramic thermal travel mug that comes in 10 oz, you and your guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while on your next trip. The mug is fabricated of fine-grained glass and extends a comfortable, stylish design.