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Starbucks California Travel Mug

This great-looking san diego coffee bar renders got your favorite drinks just got a bit bit, fiver) better, this mug is superb for use as a to-go pick-me-up or as a keepsake. Made of durable and sturdy ceramic, Starbucks san diego California tumbler ceramic travel 12 oz mug is practical for any journey.

S - 3 Mug Cup Set Rare

Starbucks - California & Los

By Starbucks


Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug California

This Starbucks ceramic travel mug from 2022 California glass is a fantastic surrogate to stay connected with your friends and family in far away places, this mug presents a design of a coffee cup with the Starbucks logo and a bud of the listed on the front. The mug is produced of ceramic and gives a hard-shell case, this Starbucks California bear flag travel mug is a top alternative to show your California pride. This mug is fabricated of ceramic and features a bear on a cross, giving it a built in then 12 oz, this mug is top-of-the-line for carrying on a California trip. Welcome to Starbucks california! We enjoy our California travelers mugs and tumblers - beneficial for that parting gift to a delicious cup of coffee, with our new collectible bear design, these mugs are peerless for people who appreciate to travel. From the right side of the mug, you'll find an 12-ounce capacities for folks who yearn to take on the long road trip, on the left side of the mug is the Starbucks name and the word " californians " with a "t" for "trip. "(tm) this delicious Starbucks California coffee tumbler is excellent for traveling, it offers an 12-ounce size and a ceramic design. It is fabricated with plastic material that is black in color, this mug is fabricated to-go or carry yourself. It as well made to-go with a mug.